We are in unprecedented times. The world is facing a pandemic and many of us are confined to our homes. You are restricted on your movements and activities. So what do we do? We listen to the authorities and we follow their advice. The quicker this passes the better and we want everyone to #staysafe during this time. But in the meantime….

I have seen many interesting ideas on how to pass the time and learning is definitely one of them. So to assist with this we have come up with a great idea to keep you entertained. We are offering 20% off of all elearning programs here at Oceans Unlimited, if you sign up before November 15th. You can email us here, and we will give you all the information you need to get started. The online learning is valid for one whole year, so anywhere you go in the world, you can then complete your inwater course.

20% off of online learning

And it’s not just with the open water program. It is with any of the online sections including the professional programs. This includes;

  • Open water
  • Advanced
  • Rescue
  • Divemaster
  • Instructor development
  • ReActivate – Refresh
  • Enriched Air

If you want to sign up, send us an email and we can send you a link so that you can start and get learning. You will download all of your academics on your tablet, or phone and you can sit down comfortably on your couch and start learning. One of the best things to keep sane during this tough lockdown time is to keep your brain active. There is only so much Netflix you can get through so be proactive!