Sharks can be dangerous, we know that. But what we also know is that even Tiger Sharks have a soft side and shark “attacks” aren’t all they’re made out to beAdding to the extensive list of things we don’t know is the fact that cows kill more people per year than sharks do. In fact, there’s quite a list of animals that pose a greater threat to humans than our predator friends.

  1. Mosquitoes
    These annoying little bugs spread deadly mosquito-borne illnesses like malaria and are responsible for 655 000 deaths a year.
  2. Cows
    Yes they may seem adorable, fluffy and fun to pet, but I’m pretty sure their hooves and horns can inflict a bit of damage. 20 deaths per year proves exactly that.
  3. Jellyfish
    Ironically, a creature that consists of 95% water itself is a bigger concern underwater. Each year 20 – 40 people die from anaphylaxis caused by jellyfish stings.
  4. Hippos
    They seem quite cute as they waddle around, but don’t let that fool you. Hippos can (and will) be very dangerous when they defend their territory. They account for 2 900 deaths every year.
  5. Dogs
    Man’s best friend? Not always. Turns out our furry friends kill 28 people a year

With sharks being accountable for only one fatality a year, it seems the fear of sharks is a misplaced one. This may be an unfortunate truth, but awareness is the first step towards change.