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Scuba diving is a recreational pastime that is not hard to learn. Becoming proficient in it is possible since a person only engages in 3 skills; breathing, kicking, and floating. Any person is capable of becoming fearless and comfortable underwater it just takes a little practice. Do you know that you can start scuba diving as early as 10 years old which means it is a great sport for all of the family.

Here are some suggestions for getting comfortable underwater.

1.   Gain your open water certification

You have to begin by learning how to dive. This gives you a solid foundation. Ensure to pick the right place that has a good reputation and a good safety record. You can easily check out the PADI site to find a good school.

During the program, one of the most important skills taught is buoyancy. Getting comfortable with this skill is not hard; you only need to be calm, attentive, and steady in what you do. You can do this using a buoyancy compensation device. Getting good buoyancy is determined by many things.

They include:

Controlling your breath


Trim of your scuba equipment.

People breathe less air when their buoyancy is okay. Controlling your buoyancy prevents the damaging of artifacts, corals, and marine animals through dragging the scuba diving kit or limbs close to the seafloor.

2. The advanced open water diver.

Here is your next step and where the interested learners get introduced to more critical knowledge. There are introduction dives to five different specialties which include:


Night diving

Underwater navigation

In addition to these three, you can pick 2 additional specialty dives so you want to make sure you pick something that really interests you. Maybe Fish ID, underwater naturalist or search and recovery.

3.  Becoming a Rescue Expert

According to most divers, this is a highly challenging course in diving but it is the most rewarding one. You are taught how to avoid and handle scuba diving accidents. Learning to be confident in what you know as divers believing that they can assist others when necessary.

4.  Specialty Certifications

PADI offers more than twenty specialty certifications and these are just the standardized ones. In addition there are many distinctives out there including some great ones on marine conservation. This is where you, as a learner can explore the scuba diving lessons that interest you. For instance if you like photography maybe you can do the digital underwater photography course. If you like wrecks, you can consider wreck diving. Love nature? Consider reading more about the underwater environment where there are so many other options to think about.

5. Gain some experience fun diving

Everyone wants to gain sufficient diving experience to be comfortable in the water. You are on your way if you log at least fifty scuba dives. A good way to do this is by joining scuba diving clubs that plan meets throughout the year. Also scuba diving holidays where you can gain more experience in different conditions.

6.  PADI Master Scuba Diving Challenge

Most people who have taken this scuba challenge have had a wonderful experience. Their diving skills improved a lot through learning new skills and practicing them. They have had a lot of fun, diving wonderful places and meeting awesome individuals from everywhere around the globe who are also interested in diving. It is the highest recreational scuba certification and demonstrates that you have got some good experience in different disciplines of diving. Remember though, that even with this certification, you can never stop learning.

scuba divers underwater

After Training

Once you are done with your training, do not stop there. We recommend honing your scuba skills and improve them by going for scuba diving holidays often. This will enable you to have a safer and more fun experience.

Practicing continuously is the only way to become good at scuba diving. With exercising you can improve the skills you possess. This will gives you a more powerful foundation to work with when you begin to learn other more complex skills.


Scuba diving is the best pastime besides the Book of Ra, which most people love because it is likely to make one rich. You can explore the ocean and see so many things. And with the necessary skills and enough experience, you will have less worry. Anyone can become an excellent diver, capable of dealing with any kind of situation in the water.

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Author’s Bio

Kevin Smith is a scuba diver. Possessing all the qualifications talked about here he has performed a good number of scuba dives. He loves exploring oceans and uses his articles to inform others about his encounters and what they need to get where he is.