So, going up in the world : ) Even though it is “slow” season it inevitably has been non-stop here which I can honestly say is awesome !! After finishing up the season with a fabtastic Tec Deep instructorclass, and so lucky the weather held out, I disappeared off stateside for a very quick jaunt before landing squarely back in wet season here. I say wet season but I can honestly only put 2 days down to looking anything like it ! It has been glorious and sunny which is a wonderful welcome from our average rainy season. I am sure it is not just a delayed one and will continue to be lovely all through the year ; ) Anyway, with a first Go Pro students of the season already here, the surf is up and the classes have begun. With an EFR course over the weekend going great and now some equipment specialties running, it is a slow run in to our first water class , advanced, which will start on November 2nd. I am back to DEMA show this year again, speaking once again with my wonderful friend Nicolle Pratt from Seven Seas Scuba in the Pacific North west. A great place to meet fellow scuba pros or those thinking of becoming one ! I would encourage all of those who can, to come, plus being in Vegas is obviously a bonus : )
As well as the start of our Go Pro career students for the new season, I also have some fun news of my own with the publication of some of my articles in the appropriately named, “adventure diving magazine”  Seeing as all diving in Costa Rica, is an adventure after all !!!  The first article about diving the offshore dive site Veinte seis is in issue 2 and will then be followed up exploring other sites, in subsequent issues. If you curious about what the diving is like here, Here’s your chance to check it out !
I hope it encourages, you plus, it may make you giggle a bit ….