Advanced class, dives on the schedule Deep and photography. Deep up first, played around with our color changes down at 95 ft and then made a nice multi level dive, watched some snapper and jacks before hitting the surface. Dive number 2 was supposed to be a first taster of underwater photography for my students. As an avid photographer myself its definitely one of my favorite specialties to teach. Underwater photography is so very different from photography on land. Whilst the fundamentals remain the same you have to deal with controlling your buoyancy as well as focusing on your subject! We had a nice slow descent but as soon as we were on the bottom I thought that i was hearing some strange noises in the background.  few minutes in they grew until we were listening to a full blown conversation between humpbacks somewhere off in the deep. Its such a surreal thing to listen too whilst you are diving. the rest of the photography dive went well and we managed to get some good shots but I’ll definitely remember this one for the underwater accompaniment!