I spent 1 great month with oceans unlimited doing the advanced and rescue diver courses as well as deep diver and navigation specialties. I would have stayed longer to do the dive master but unfortunately couldn’t due to work commitments. We dived at least twice a day every day at the many varied dive sites around the area. Visibility varied from day to day depending on currents and swell but on average was around 25 ft. The water temperature at the time I was there (June-July) was about 30 degrees so pretty warm. When not diving you’re still learning whether it using the compressor or fixing broken dive equipment so you are constantly learning. If you are interested you can take your diving further by doing the scuba instructor courses or Tec diving courses that are also available. The instructors are of a very high standard and give 100% to help you succeed. Oceans unlimited also arranged accommodation for me with a local family as I was staying for a few weeks. The family at the house I stayed at are very keen surfers and also give tuition if you like so I was able to surf often in my time away from diving.
So diving with oceans unlimited whether it is for a day or if you want to go further is definitely well worth your while and you will not regret it.