Dive for Debris for a cleaner ocean

heading into the ocean for the dive for debrisWe all hear the statistics, 140 million tonnes of plastics are flooding into our oceans every year. In addition to that there is other ocean debris and trash as well. It seems such a vast problem with no end in sight and you can feel hopeless. Instead, we choose to do what we can for a cleaner ocean. If everyone takes that stance then it will make a difference. Truly it will.

Plan of action

So this past weekend we headed into the ocean and did our little bit.We put together aunderwater trash from costa rica group of beautiful and committed people and we got into the sea on a sunny morning. We organized and ran a Dive for Debris. One of our local bays here, Nahomi, has in the past, been a bit of a dumping ground and we decided that that would be our focus.  A team of over 15 divers and snorkelers assembled early in the morning at the dive shop Oceans Unlimited and set out their plan of action.  With the teams and the objectives laid out our intrepid divers headed into the bay.ocean trash

What did we find?

We took 11 tyres and two bags with plastic. The weight of the total plastic was 900 gr. It was not too much plastic as of 3 groups of divers, 2 of them where focused on bringing up the tyres to the surface with lift bags. For the big tyres, we needed 2 lift bags for each tyre. The plastic was mainly composed from: plastic bottles, plastic bags and small debris. Also, we found 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 mask, 6 cans (or rest of cans), rests from cotton clothes, and rests from fishing lines with hooks. A real assortment.


cleaner ocean

We all felt the beautiful feeling after a rewarding morning, unfortunately, the ocean needs thousands of mornings like this one and we need him: healthy, clean and full of life.The conclusion: let’s keep going this great initiative a make it contagious, with small steps and more sunny Saturday mornings, we are making the difference for a cleaner ocean.