What a whirlwind these past fews months have been. With everyone in lockdown staying safe getting back into the water seemed like a far off dream. We here at Oceans Unlimited take safety very seriously, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to get back into the water. So we have made it happen.

As of last week we are back in the water. We have been heading out, just once a week, checking on the coral nurseries here in Manuel Antonio. They are nurseries that are being run by Marine Conservation Costa Rica. They are working to help restore our coral reefs here in Costa Rica. It has been exciting to see how well the corals are doing and it helps to be reminded of how important their work is.

When we get to blow bubbles underwater it also reminds us that scuba diving is not only great getting back to your roots. We are discovering nature and it is good for your soul. It is almost like meditation underwater. With the stress and struggle of recent times, I feel it is where a lot of us need to be. As we open our doors gradually we are hoping that you will come and join us. But we know what the question will be. Are we doing safely?

Following safety recommendations from around the globe, we have put a number of steps in place for all of our visiting scuba divers. I thought we could share them with you.


social distancing underwater
Social distancing underwater

One of the first steps we take is to keep our distance. We have limited numbers of people in the shop at a time and on the dive boat. You will have plenty of space to relax on the water and breathe the fresh air. We are keeping sufficient space between each person.


Before you enter the shop we have a disinfection station that we ask all clients to use. We also have one downstairs where we fit everyone into our equipment. This reduces as much as possible the risk of contamination.

Boat protocol

On the boat we will be cleaning the boat before and after each trip. There is also a station to clean you hands before you get onboard. We have the distancing in place as described above and in addition we have changed what refreshments we are providing. Due to the increased risk of contamination, fruit has been removed for the time being. We still have our cookies and water onboard though.

Cleaning of dive equipment

technical dive tanks in costa rica

One of our most important steps is the decontamination of dive equipment after it has been used. We are following recommended guidelines and using disinfectant on regulators and masks separately before general washing of all other equipment.

We are doing the best we can to keep everyone safe. As lockdown is eased, we step into a different world. It’s time to go back to nature, look after our planet and ourselves. Relaxing and breathing in all that the ocean has to offer is a way of connecting with mother earth. We want to show you and take you there, in the safest way we can. 

Would you like to join us and learn about the work that Marine Conservation Costa Rica is doing? Learn about their coral rescue program, or just get back into the water and explore the reef. We would love to take you there.