beach trashThere are 8 million metric tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean every year. Can you even get your head around that? It is predicted that it won’t be long before every 3 lbs of fish you pull out you will also be pulling out 1lb of plastic. With such a huge evergrowing problem and no slow down on the production of plastic it is up to everyone of us to make a difference. This September 16th is International coastal cleanup day spear headed by Ocean Conservancy. We here at Oceans Unlimited, alongside @anonymous_mermaids_mermen are running a clean up at one of our local beaches in the Cocal. On September 16th at 8am we will be meeting at the local Quepos sign on the edge of town and heading over to the Cocal to begin our clean up. We would love as many volunteers as possible and ask that you bring with you your own gloves and trash bags and we will start making a difference.
All of the data from the clean up will be submitted to Ocean Conservancy who have been conducting cleanups for many years and using the data to help find solutions and means to combat the growing problem.
So in addition to this, what can you do to help? Look at your everyday life and use of plastics. One of the easiest things to do is to #skipthestraw. You don’t need straws in your drinks, so just say no. Look at single use plastics in your everyday life. Reduce your use of them and recycle as much as you can. Thinking about these measures is a great start and doing something about it is even better. Be part of the solution.
So, Come join us at in Quepos on September 16th at 8am and start making a difference.