Cano Island, one of the jewels of Costa Rica cited as some of the best if not, the best diving on the pacific coast, close to shore.  It is a beautiful national park, situated about 40 nautical miles from Quepos. A protected island and surrounding area, home to many marine residents.We are the only operators that run day trips to Cano island from the Manuel Antonio and Quepos area. A full day with 2 dives to see this gem. Cano island is home to approximately 7 dive sites all full of sharks, rays and more!

Cano is home to a large population of white tip reef sharks that you are likely to see on every dive. Also inhabiting the are large stingrays,  eagle rays, schooled of devil rays, jacks, plus your usual assortment of reef rush. Maybe you’ll meet your first frog fish, maybe you’ll have a close encounter with a cursing sea turtle. The excitement of exploring is always there with the dive. With the number of white tip reef sharks cruising around, your chances of encountering sharks are plentiful. A shark at night…..hmmm definitely an adrenaline moment I think!

So if you think this amazing trip sounds like something you may want to experience, let us know, we would love to part of your awesome scuba trip!

The boat leavesNearby Dominical and includes lunch, plus snacks and equipment.