High season scuba diving in Manuel Antonio is here!

It is beautiful weather here for xmas week and the local reef is jumping. Our intrepid scuba diving groups are heading out into Manuel Antonio park and exploring our beautiful waters with so much life and great visibility. We have had 18m visibility today and have been exploring some of our slightly more out of reach sites. As the sun is shining here there is nothing better to do then go scuba diving in Manuel Antonio. The national park is one of the busiest places to visit in Costa Rica so why fight the crowds when you can check out the lesser know parts of it? Come check it out underwater with one of the fun local dive trips.

Sites today that we checked out were Bajo del Diablo and Geos’ ridge one of my personal favorites with awesome rock formation and soft coral outcroppings. We got to see some beautiful green moray eels, some stingrays, lots of great butterfly and angel fish and more.

If you don’t want to go scuba diving in Manuel Antonio then you can still explore the waters in the area and jump onboard as a snorkeler. From mid-January we are welcoming snorkelers onboard our new boat as well. The difference with us though, is that instead of just throwing a life jacket around your neck and pointing you in the direction of a rock, we will actually get in the water with you and show you all we have to offer. Want to learn about the fish and other reef life?  That’s why you would come snorkeling with us. Stay away from the crowds and get your own unique experience.

So, looking for something to do this coming month during your trip here? Then scuba diving in Manuel Antonio should be what you are thinking about, come explore more with us!