Twice a year we are lucky enough in Costa Rica to have the humpback whales come though our waters here in Manuel Antonio. Each year the seasons happen when the whales migrate from the poles towards tropical waters in the winter, and then back during the summer. During January and February, humpbacks coming from California are near Isla del Cano, Manuel Antonio and the Osa peninsula. The females whales come to the Tropics and the warm waters to give birth. Later on they then travel back with their calves and quite often hang around the bays around the Manuel Antonio area. A recent trip by some friends with tres ninas boat rental proved to be a very close encounter. A mother and calf who have been in our waters for around a week, spotted most days by our divers, decided to come in for a closer look at the boats and start playing, This show went on for a hour or so, with tail flipping, jumping, spacing and more, much to the delight of the people on board. Our dive trip, has headed out this morning with hopes of their own special encounter. Lets hope they get the chance.

If you are coming to Manuel antonio, Quepos area soon you may get your own chance to come and see the whales. We can help you arrange your own tour either with our dive boat or renting your own boat for a private tour. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime moment !


Photos courtesy of tres ninas boat rental