100% AWARE Costa RicaSo some exciting news for us here in Costa Rica as we as ever strive towards protecting the ocean through education and action. Here at Oceans Unlimited we have become 100% AWARE because we believe that protecting the environment cannot be a part-time activity. One is either all in or not in at all.

What does 100% AWARE mean?

Starting this high season every time you complete a certification with us here at Oceans Unlimited you will earn a special Project AWARE certification card as a donation will have been made to Project AWARE. Our hope is that it will inspire you to participate as well.  One way to continue supporting Project AWARE is to support them with donations or to turn all of your other certification cards into PADI Project AWARE cards.  The donations given through 100% AWARE and monetary donations help to protect the planet’s most vulnerable shark and manta ray species and helps tackle marine debris issues globally.

What does Joining 100% AWARE do you may ask.  Your support is paramount in the fight to save OUR ocean planet. It is not limited to the following, but includes: 

• Collect data and remove devastating debris worldwide while tackling prevention and policy efforts addressing long-term solutions.

• Secure protection for the world’s most threatened shark species.

• Strengthen shark finning bans and closing loopholes.

• Engage divers in education and conservation actions worldwide.

We hope this inspires you as much as it has us!

Happy Bubbling!!