One of the most frequent questions we get asked here is “when is the best time to dive in Costa Rica?”. It seems a pretty straightforward question but the answer has a lot of variables. Scuba diving in Costa Rica can be very dependent on where you are planning to go not just when. With both a rainy and a dry season, the conditions and what you’ll see can vary greatly. Admittedly here in the central and south pacific we are more affected by the rains than in the north of the country so our visibility can vary a lot more.

To make things a little bit easier, we have created a infographic right here so you can get a quick overview of where are the main spots to go and when is the best time.

Costa Rica scuba diving – Where to go and when

Some general considerations for scuba diving in Costa Rica

Some general things to think about when diving here. First it is relatively warm. The water temperature is between 86 and 80F on the surface and can drop to 75F at the bottom (around 60ft) depending on the time of year. Most people are comfortable in a 3mm long suit but if you feel the cold you may want to step it up to a 5mm suit.

One thing that may be different for a lot of people is water movement. The pacific has a lot of surge so you are never completely still. It may be a gentle rocking underwater, just go with it, the fish seem to like it too. This can also apply on the boat so check to see if there is wave movement before you head out on the boat in case you need to take some sea sickness pills.

Overall, diving in Costa Rica is an incredible experience. There are some amazing pelagic species to see all year round as well as local reef life and the diving can take your breath away. So take the plunge, and come explore the waters of Costa Rica.