A lull before the craziness that is xmas !! No rest for the wicked here though with divemaster courses running riot! Congratulations to our first 2 graduates of the season Alec and Eddie, divemasters ahoy!! And off to Cano island today to dive with the sharks….hmm not a bad way to celebrate passing your divemaster I think ! So we wrapped up the training here with some deep diving, search and recovery (go find that milk jug !) and skill circuit practice. Keeping everyone busy and on their toes! As a divemaster and then as an instructor, you need to have demonstration quality skills, to teach and guide other divers in the water. Here we like to train our divemasters to instructor standard so their skills are great, and so passing on that high standard to our students and fun divers.

The water is slowly clearing up here which means that at Cano it will be even better, and with our new live aboard for the season , there will be some fun diving. Have you decided what to do this christmas ? Why not dive !  With so many courses and more to offer here you could advance your own set of personal skills. Our advanced course, trains you to prepare for deep dives and help work on you navigation, whilst our rescue course reached you to become more of a self sufficient diver, helping not just yourself but others too.  For those of you that are really hooked and want to take that professional step then divemaster here we come. With full internship training and more ! So what sinks your tank ?!! Let us know….