New year has  started…what about New Year resolutions?? Every year we all come up with this same old promises to do an act of self-improvement,   be more productive at work, joining  a gym..which is good but why not to open the doors to try something new!!!

Like for example become a certified diver!!

We welcomed this year with lots of new students that want to Open Water divers or Discover Scuba divers. Discover Scuba  is not an actual certification course, it will open your eyes to new possibilities and give you a taste of how much fun it is to scuba dive. During the Discover Scuba diving program, you’ll learn what it’s like to wear scuba equipment, basic safety rules and how it feels to breathe underwater….how awesome is that!!! Lets make this year a challenging and full of new experience

I came myself  to Quepos to start my dive master course, I have met an amazing  group of people,  and now as my New Year resolution is  to pass the instructor course so I can teach people a whole new world and experience new opportunities.

So far we all working towards  instructor course as a dive masters and we get to dive and lead groups of people,  and share our passion and experience about diving.

 I have to say I love my job.  Can you say this same??change