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Here at Oceans Unlimited we understand how important it is to be ambassadors for the underwater world. With all of our programs and trips and well as our day to day shop activities, we try to be as ECO aware as possible.
One of our main priorities is working alongside a local non-profit here in Quepos called Marine Conservation Costa Rica.  They run a coral restoration program here in Quepos as well as education and outreach programs throughout the area. If you would like to get involved you can contact them here.

As part of our mission to be ambassadors for the underwater world, we here at Oceans Unlimited run a number or unique programs and certifications unique to us and specifically focused on marine conservation ecology. This are run in conjunction with our partner non-profit. We cover all aspects of the marine environment and invite you to come and learn with us and contribute to helping the ocean.

You can find a full list of the programs on their website and they include certifications in the following;

Marine Conservation and Research

Sponge Ecology

Coral Restoration

Humpback Whale conservation

Nudibranch Awareness

Octopus Ecology

Soft corals in Manuel Antonio
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