new nudibranch in manuel antonioIt’s been a fun couple of weeks here in Quepos/Manuel Antonio. The craziness of super high season is done and we have settled into the past month with some scuba diving in the mornings and classes in the afternoon. The rains have started to become more consistent in the afternoon but the diving has been super exciting. We have had turtles, rays and sharks on lots of our dives around the national park. More exciting for me is we have a new nudibranch sighting this past month. As ever it’s always a thrill to find that new macro discovery but not all clients will share our enthusiasm for the tiny things on the reef, preferring the majestic rays which I get. There is always something for everyone in the Ocean and here at Oceans Unlimited we love showing our clients something new.

Last week, a big shout out to our marine conservation group. They spent two weeks with us, learning about the Oceans and its’ residents, everything from fish, corals, to invertebrates. One of the topics we looked at as well is sustainability and what we can do to help our oceans. This can be anything from diving techniques, looking for ECO operators, buoyancy control, eating sustainable seafood, and assisting with citizen science projects. Throughout the two weeks they learn about these subjects and then put them to use with their diving, recording valuable info to report back to and the project. It is a great opportunity to make more of a difference with your diving and contribute to research that is actually being used to look at the state of our Oceans. Anyone can take part in these projects and make your scuba dives in Costa Rica even more valuable.