Looking for something different to entertain the children this easter ? Or maybe they want an adventure more than snorkeling ! With the new onsite pool right here at Oceans Unlimited we are starting up some new kids scuba diving programs, with a minimum age of 8 for participation. That’s right ! Just 8 years old ! That means the whol


e family can dive! Different programs are available including the bubble maker program for 8 years old and up. This is an adventure scuba diving in the pool. It takes approximately 2 – 3 hours, and includes a bubble maker toy and certificate of participation, decal and special bubble maker logbook! For those slightly more daring adventurers age 8 and up, you can also participate in a bubble maker program or can become a member of the PADI Seal Team! The Seal Team program can be conducted over 2 afternoons (or mornings!) and on completion the lucky participant receives a seal team certification card.  The seal team program consists of 5 aqua missions, all conducted in the pool , with full mission briefings and debriefings on each. As well as the certification card, is a aqua mission logbook, decal and certificate.