We are excited and you should be too!

We are now a REEF Field Station!


What is REEF?


REEF is “an active organization of divers and marine enthusiasts committed to ocean conservation.”


What is a REEF Field Station?


“REEF Field Stations are dive centers, resorts, boat operators, and instructors that demonstrate their support for REEF and marine conservation by becoming Field Stations. Each serves as active centers of outreach and education for REEF. Most offer REEF Fish Identification Courses, organize survey dives, and may sell underwater paper, slates and related fish watching materials.”


What does this mean for Oceans Unlimited?


We are currently undergoing some remarkable changes. We have plans to conduct frequent REEF volunteer fish ID surveys, teach fish ID courses, educate the public about invasive species, conduct turtle surveys, administer REEF experience tests, and participate in REEF’s Great Annual Fish Count.


What is a REEF volunteer fish ID survey?


“REEF’s mission, to educate and enlist divers in the conservation of marine habitats, is accomplished primarily through the Volunteer Fish Survey Project. The project allows volunteer SCUBA divers and snorkelers to collect and report information on marine fish populations. The data are collected using a fun and easy standardized method, and are housed in a publicly accessible database on REEF’s Website. These data are used by a variety of resource agencies and researchers.”


What are the requirements to participate in a REEF volunteer fish ID Survey?


If you are a snorkeler or certified scuba diver you can participate in a REEF volunteer fish ID survey.


How can I sign-up for a REEF volunteer fish ID Survey?


Call us at – CR (506) 2777-3171 US (407) 385-6598

Write to us at –

Stop by the shop and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff for more information!