The rains have begun…Yaaa boooo ! BUT…wait, wait wait, this year will be different. Yes, our visibility can be reduced, yes the rains can come in the afternoon, but do you know what??….We shall fight on and with this said I introduce Veinte Seis offshore diving for the rainy season ( and all the time really!!!) Throughout the months we are going to be running the Veinte Seis offshore deep diving trip (numbers and weather permitting) and may I say the ONLY scuba company to do this. here is your chance to go blue diving. Explore the deep diving pinnacle, dive in the jack schools, see the rays and wealth of life that is out in the big blue. The trip with our lovely new upgraded scuba boat will take around 50 minutes, followed by 2 dives, snacks and then back to shore. Depth of the dives is in the 20 – 38m range. We ask that all divers either hold an advanced card or have at least 40 dives under their belts with experience in deeper dives.  You can even combine your offshore deep diving with a course, for example a technical dive course or maybe your Nitrox or Advanced Nitrox course!

With such a choice and such and amazing place to be explored, now is the time to dive with Oceans. Enquire today and come scuba diving!