Continuing on with our Women in scuba diving month. Meet PADI Dive instructor Nora. She completed her Divemaster and then PADI IDC with us earlier this year and is now passing on her passion to new divers!

Were are you from originally? 

Boulder, Colorado

What brought you to Costa Rica? 

scuba diving costa rica

Coming down here for me was actually I really spontaneous decision I decided to come down here 24 hours before I actually arrived in Costa Rica. I think I was really drawn to all of the nature down here and have always been a person who is happiest next to the water and I guess this kinda just felt right and fit.

How did you feel the first time you scuba dived? 

The first time I went diving I was ten years old and doing my open water in Cozumel with my family. I was actually so scared I couldn’t stop crying and wouldn’t get in the water. My instructor had to push me off the boat and once they did I never wanted to get out. I remember it felt like the most magical thing i’d ever done.

Why did you decide to Go Pro? 

I always think back to my first time diving and how underwater has become my place of solitude and peace of the years and wanted to be able to share that with others 

What has been your most memorable moment when scuba diving? 

Pretty much everyday is memorable in some way or another but all the times I’ve been able to dive with my family have probably been the most memorable. It is such a cool thing to experience with the people I care most about and is definitely some of my most valued memories especially as we’ve all grown older and lead different lives. Diving has kinda remained the thing that we still love doing as a group.

Sum up your teaching style in three words? 

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What do you enjoy about being a pro the most?   

I love just seeing people’s reactions when they are introduced to this whole new world and how excited they get.      

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Wow, I honestly have no clue. Hopefully living by a beach somewhere, the same adventurous life, doing things that make me happy everyday and surrounded by people I care about. Those are really my only conditions.