Freediver Center

padi freediver courseAdding to our ever growing list of courses and offers we are pleased to announce that we have earned the rating of PADI Freediver center. As a PADI Freediver center we offer freediving courses and training. Also rental gear and freediving equipment for sale.

What is freediving?

Freediving will always involve a breath hold, no matter how deep you go. Humans first started freediving through necessity, for food. Also for trade-able items or items lost overboard. In more recent times though, freediving has evolved into a recreational pastime, a way to take photos, catch food, and as a sport.

There are various disciplines with competitive freediving which reflect the various ways that you can be in the water and hold your breath.  This came with the emergence of freediving competitions.

What does a course involve?

With the PADI Freediver course you will be introduced to a couple of different disciplines including dynamic and static freediving. Your breath holding technique will be practiced and improved upon. You will also feel the freedom of moving underwater without a tank.

It is an amazing way to explore underwater and also an incredible fitness discipline. With our Freediving instructor Brad Stephens we are ready to explore the water and welcome you onboard.

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