I feel it’s necessary to write a little experience statement for GoPro CR / Oceans Unlimited for a few reasons.

First and foremost to simply speak the shops praises. Oceans Unlimited has single handedly turned one of the most beautiful places in the world into a dive site, and mapped out some outstanding locations to dive that were both unique, exciting and beautiful. We saw sharks, whales, dolphin, a ton of different species of fish and dove complicated rock formations, beautiful shallow canyons and ridges and the best part? The instructors and captains mapped this place out, so they know it perfectly. We could go from a training side (sand patch) to what seemed like an underwater acquarium to a 130 foot drop off all within 10 minutes. The boat is intimate, tidy and quick and the whole time your in transit you have mountains behind you and the rainforest to one side of you. The place just rocks, it’s an untapped paradise.

Second is the level of instruction. Georgia is straight and narrow and has a knack at not only teaching you exactly what you need to know and keeping you awake during classroom sessions but inspiring passion for advanced diving techniques and continuing education. The class sizes are small and the level of one on one instruction was fantastic. I can’t imagine having a better experience here with the instruction.

Finally, I want to urge everyone who is having trouble pulling the trigger to just DO IT. I looked at plane tickets for weeks before I just went for it and I’m so glad I did. The tickets were inexpensive, the homestay was 14 dollars a night with two meals and laundry, the bus to get to and from the airport was like 10 bucks and I got to enjoy a tropical paradise that the locals were using as an end all vacation. (Manuel Antonio is WONDERFUL!) Not to mention her IDC and MSDT prep is the absolute cheapest and most competitive rate you can find. If you’re going to go pro there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Thank you Georgia and thank you Ocean’s Unlimited CR for an experience I’ll NEVER forget! I look forward to seeing you again soon!!!


Josh Jecha