marine conservation and research programOceans Unlimited is pleased to announce that we are now a REEF conservation partner.

What is a REEF Conservation Partner?

This means showing our support for protecting the ocean! Conservation Partners serve as vital sponsors of REEF’s programs, as well as centers for marine conservation actions, outreach, and education.
We have always been active ocean advocates here in Costa Rica and now with this next step we can increase our efforts even more. The following actions will be happening at the center to be part of this. We will be running fish and invertebrate ID classes and running survey dives. If you want to add more to your local scuba diving trips around Manuel Antonio National Park, you could participate in one of our survey dives. One of our Divemasters would give you an orientation to our local fish populations before taking you out on one of our dive trips. You would actively participate in an underwater survey and then get to enter you data into the international database.
If you want to get more involved then why not take part in one of our marine conservation and research programs. Learn not just about fish but about the whole reef ecosystem.

Why get involved?

It’s good for marine life. As a water planet, the well-being of the earth depends on the health of the oceans that connect us all. Help us give back to the underwater world by getting involved.
It’s also fun. Learn something new and enjoy making a difference in the health of our oceans in concrete ways. Get hooked on giving back to marine ecosystems in the water at Oceans Unlimited.
Contact us today to find out how you can get involved.