Nothing is worse than getting super excited to go scuba diving, and then you get on the boat. Beautiful day, beautiful water, but your stomach starts to churn. Here in the pacific, we are used to moving waters, thats why we get so much amazing underwater life. I wouldn’t trade it for Caribbean any day. They may the calm visibility but we have the adventure! Anyway, a lot of people don’t have a stomach for it if the boat is moving around so what can you do? So what is sea sickness? Basically it is your inner ear reacting to the unfamiliar feeling of the boat moving. Here are some suggestions to help you feel better.

Make sure you eat

It may seem like you would want to avoid filling your stomach but the suggestion is to eat light and well. If diving in the morning, a light breakfast of maybe toast and fruit could be a good one. Avoid super acidic options as they won’t sit well in your stomach and coffee is not good. Sorry caffeine lovers, maybe do tea before the big trip. Also foods with ginger can be a good option to settle the stomach.

Breathe fresh air

how to avoid sea sickness

Avoid sitting near the engines on the boat and sitting in the cabins. The more fresh air you can get, the better. You will feel better.

Keep an eye on the horizon

Staring at the horizon and focusing on non moving objects can help you bodies reaction to the movement. Do not lie down. Whilst it may seem comforting to want to lie down on the boat you will only feel worse afterwards. Focus on the horizon, take in your surroundings and enjoy.

Don’t be playing with your phone

Again this is to do with focus. If you head is down playing on your phone or you are looking through binoculars this will make you feel worse. Enjoy the moment out there on the water.

Take medication

medication for sea sickness

There are lots of different options out there, and if you think you are susceptible to seasickness take something ahead of time. For me personally I will take half a tablet of Gravol the morning of. Once on the boat it is too late so plan ahead. The PSI bands are acupuncture bands that work for some people or you can look at Dramamine or Gravol. Just remember to stay hydrated as they can dehydrate you a bit.

Whatever, plan ahead and hopefully your fun scuba diving trip will be all about the fish and reefs, not feeding them over the side of the boat. Happy bubbling.