So, some of you have already heard the’s official. We are moving! Mind you not far, technically we move from Quepos into Manuel Antonio, but knowing the layout of the land around here that is only around 300m (or 1000ft for those of you this side of the pond) up the hill. We are moving into the hotel complex that was the Plinio. Exciting stuff for us , especially with the addition of onsite pool, onsite accommodation and for me the best part…oooo…exciting…….additional classroom and teaching space. Yes, I am sure that, that is the most exciting part of this announcement for you too. Classrooms, woo hoo! More exactly, quiet, air con, professional and technical dedicated classrooms! Better for studying, and with the pool only a matter of paces away, you can hop right into the pool whenever you need to cool off, chill the brain and practice your confined skills. We are also expanding the Discover scuba teaching area, next to the pool, easier for all of you that are looking to try diving for the first time. Finally, with the expansion of the equipment area and workshop, we will be able to hold even BETTER equipment maintenance clinics, and scuba equipment classes. Pretty awesome huh ?! Stay tuned for photos as we finish our move this coming month and feel free to stop by for a visit or to come diving! Scuba divers are HAPPY PEOPLE !!! Right?! : )