So coming into rainy season, one could be known to have the blues, ..more so if you have a cold and you cant dive…especially when the water is BEAUTIFUL!

But at 5:30am I sprang out of bed knowing that I was heading to Cano Island!! Cano is about 2 hours to the south by boat from Quepos and is famous for its’ marine park for diving and snorkeling, and also for the pre colombian indian giant stone spheres found there.

We had a mixed group of divers and snorkelers and we left the dock just after 7 and were at the island jumping in the aquamarine waters by 9am. I was taking the snorkelers…not being able to dive, and the group had never been snorkeling before! They attentively listened to briefings and we blew up our snorkel vests and dove in. The water was clear and fish filled, we saw tropical fish and corals, fish cleaning stations and 2 sea turtles at our first site. Schools of Jacks that we could swim through at our second..and sharks! In between we visited the island and payed in the waves on white beached and checked out he indian artifacts found on the island. What a great day…who needs diving!? The beauty of snorkeling is that you have a birds eye view of the reef, something that you can sometimes forget when you are a diver, so next time dont forget your snorkel when you are on a dive trip and jump in!!