Jan, 12. working as skipper almost daily. This afternoon was amazing.
1st dive. Punto quepos. 35-65ft of water. 15 min. into dive. My self
as capt. I was thinking of my divers and their safety!  as always,
When I was startled by aloud noise. sounded like a scuba tank
releasing  air. i jumped up, turned around from the bridge and saw an
unforgetable  site. 100ft away of the stern was a humpbackwhale taken
a breath of air before lifting its tail and descending into the debth.
Having years of cruising under my belt. This was one experience that
will 4ever be rememberd, and cherished. Thinking of diving Manuel Antonio?  Do it.
Totally different than the rest. Very safe and proffesional Today was
unforgetable. You only Live once. Take with you 4ever your experience.