Whilst we are all landlocked and confined to our rooms, some of us juggling families and work from home situations, it is easy to let your mind drift to where many of us want to be. Back underwater. Especially if you are wanting to close out the yells and screams of happy, excited, slightly crazy smaller people running around!

There are many things you can do when confined both by yourself and as a family. Here is our little list of some fun scuba and ocean related things you can do and tune into when landlocked. I hope you find something that sparks your interest;

Netflix has some great options

Our first go to is a given. We all love to sit down and watch a bit of Netflix. There is a wealth of options available especially centered around the underwater world and its amazing inhabitants. These are some of my current favorites on offer;

Chasing coral – An amazing documentary set around the ocean .Scientists and divers set out, to find out why reefs are dissapearing. An sad but also inspirational look at the state of oceans and what we can do to help.

Mission Blue – How can you not be inspired by the amazingness that is Sylvia Earle. A look at her life and work.

A Plastic ocean – Another harsh look at what is happening in our oceans with the giant plastic problem. But again, gives you some hope and ideas for what you can do.

For the younger viewers – Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are great viewing as well the Planet Earth Documentary series.

For a tongue in cheek giggle on a Friday Night – I would put “Deep Blue Sea” and the classic “Jaws” us there. Who knew there were backwards swimming revenge plotting sharks out there? No really, to switch you brain off for a couple of hours and not take life seriously you can’t go to far wrong with these. ; )

Exercise your brain

If you want to do some online learning and exercise your brain whilst in lockdown there are some great options out there. All you have to do really is type in “online webinars ocean” and away you go. REEF has some fun “fishinars” available on different fish. Its always good to keep learning.

diver medic

One of my favorites is some of the webinars offered by “The Diver Medic“. They have some very insightful talks and guests looking at different medical issues and diving.

A good one for the kids is Ocean Advocacy Kids webinars looking at science and the ocean.

I hope you can find something ocean oriented to keep you occupied whilst you are in downtime. Keep plugging people, we will be back in the ocean soon!