open water classSo… what to do this summer, what to do. First off, lets say we do something different ? Instead of making it the same summer you might do in previous years lets do something really stepping outside the box, boldly going etc, etc. So what about scuba diving? Scuba diving has evolved greatly over the years and nearly all of you I am sure either know a diver or, have seen diving take place whilst on holiday or when visiting near the ocean.

Did you know that the earth is covered in over 70% water, yes really! However, exploration of this amazing place is so far behind with so much more out there to discover.  This basically means that the undersea world is still full of surprises. As a result, thousands of species roam free and previously unexplored areas can now be visited by everyday people like you! So why  not?

Coming into Manuel Antonio here you are faced with a wealth of choice, what to do, what to do? Do you want to go rafting? Ziplining? Scuba diving is the way forward. Now, with the evolution of the internet and online learning you can complete your open water course in just 2 1/2 days. That means that there is less time to cut into your vacation. You can complete all of your academics online from the comfort of your own home. Even before you get on the plane! Once completed, when you arrive you will then get the chance to jump in the on-site pool and complete and practice all of your skills before heading out into the ocean and really exploring.

Shark diving costa ricaScuba diving is simple and easy and under the careful guidance of your PADI instructor at Oceans Unlimited we will ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime. Safety is our number one priority (followed closely by FUN!) and we want to ensure that you have plenty of fun, a life changing experience all under the safe and watchful eye of our staff here. There is plenty of fun diving to be had in the area aswell so once you have completed you can go and explore. With nearby Cano island, home to the sharks, what a perfect opportunity to try out your new skills. Maybe even, if you dare… could complete your diving certification there. As the course is split into 4 dives the first or the last 2 can be completed there.

So, have I given you something to think about? In three easy steps, academics, pool and then ocean and you are well on your way to enjoying and appreciating all that our wonderful ocean has to offer.