To: My Valentine

Today is a day where love fills the air. Love for one another, love for the life we live and love to drive our

passion. I think that the love we give is only as good as the passion we spread.

Here at Oceans, we spread the love for diving like the wild flowers spread their seeds across the plains.

Our office is the testimonial of our passion; the open ocean. Day in and day out we see smiles as the

bubbles surface. We see eyes pop as the schooling Rainbow Runners shimmer by. We see the novice

scuba bunny take you ten meters to show you a Sea Cucumber. We see the seasoned diver show you his

special places in the blue. We even enjoy the awe over the shark quietly sleeping in his home.

There’s much more to love than a relationship. Love is a courtship of passion. My Ocean, you are my

Valentine. I thank you for all your beauty. I thank you for all your courage. I thank you for all your

mystery. Mostly I thank you for your greatness.

You take me in and show me your ways. You let me explore your wonders. You are understanding. You

are forgiving, yet never forgetting. You change your ways every day, yet still hold on to my heart. To me,

you are my everything.

My Ocean, I love you with my whole heart. Every beat, beats for you.