End to the first week of the new year and what a great week it has been! We have had beautiful waters, great diving and to finish it off this week we thought we would go deep diving. With some of our PADI divemaster trainees on the morning trip we decided to hit a couple of our deeper local dive sites including Geo’s ridge and Sitting Bull. With great visibility and zero currents, our free descents were nice and easy and made both dives great fun. After playing around with different objects at depth, as part of some deep dive training for the divemaster program, we headed up Geos ridge into schools of snappers and grunts, plenty of other reef inhabitants and finishing it off with a school of surgeon fish at our safety stop. Our second dive we started at a 90ft pinnacle and then slowly made our way up the ridge to the sitting bull. With some large sting rays encounters and then schools of Barracuda, there was definitely some exciting moments. But the best came by far when we finished our tour and had the chance to hang out with 3 humpback whales on the surface. A baby with 2 adults who decided to come up right next to our boat and hang out briefly before disappearing beneath the waves. All in a good days diving!